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Please note that the IRISS Podcast has now been replaced by IRISS.FM, internet radio for Scotland's social services. The IRISS podcast will no longer be updated, although all past episodes will remain available for reference purposes.


The IRISS Podcast is our channel for publishing audio recordings which we believe are of benefit to the social services sector, in Scotland and abroad.

NES Chief Executive Malcolm Wright

The social use of knowledge is an important strand of the Knowledge into Action strategy which aims to make finding and using knowledge a routine part of everyday work. By social use of knowledge we mean the tools, techniques and skills that connect people so that they can share experience and find ways of applying knowledge.

IRISS Director Alison Petch

The knowledge management strategy for the social services highlights the vital role of social media and urges organisations to encourage and nurture the innovative use of web-based interactive tools for communication, collaboration and learning.

IRISS Director Alison Petch introduces a new animation from NES and IRISS which dispels some of the myths about social media, showing how easy it is try things out and decide what works for for the individual

Discussion facilitated by Alison Petch

Members of the Pilotlight co-design team in Moray discuss the pathway to self-directed support for people with mental health problems. It was recorded on 31 October at the IRISS annual Champions event 2013.

Lisa Burton, Champions event 2013

Presentation by Lisa Burton on the integration of health and social care at Inverclyde Council. It was recorded on 30 October 2013 at the IRISS annual Champions event.

Audio recording at SSRG event

Julie Gardener, Assistant Director of VOCAL (Voice of carers across Lothian) talks about developing a personal outcomes approach and outcomes for integration of health and social care.

The recording was made on the 25 February 2013 at an event organised by the Social Services Research Group (SSRG) entitled, 'Improving outcomes through integrated social care and health'.

For further information about the event see:

Exploring culture change: Approaches and challenges, January 2013

Angela Morgan, Chief Executive of Includem, shares her experience and lessons in leading a small, innovative organisation through difficult economic times and changes while remaining true to its core purpose and vision.

Exploring culture change: Approaches and challenges, January 2013

June Findlater, South Lanarkshire Council, describes the journey towards embedding the outcomes-focussed approach as advocated by Talking Points in East Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire Councils.

Exploring culture change: Approaches and challenges, January 2013

Henry Simmons, Chief Executive of Alzheimer Scotland, explores culture change in relation to self-directed support. He talks about the need for a clear vision based on the principles of human rights as a driver for successful change.

Exploring culture change: Approaches and challenges, January 2013

Michelle Drumm (IRISS) talks about her Insight on the evidence around culture change in the public sector, viewed through the lens of the Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) Highland Pathfinder

Exploring culture change: Approaches and challenges, January 2013

Alison Petch, Director of IRISS, discusses the change in culture needed for the successful integration of health and social care, what supports this and some of the remaining challenges.