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Interested in becoming an IRISS Champion?

5 Aug, 2011 by Lisa Pattoni

IRISS is extending its Champions network into the voluntary and private sector.

IRISS Champions act as a conduit, promoting the resources, approaches and opportunities offered by IRISS, and feed back to us their responses on our work, as well as suggest future projects and initiatives for us to take forward.

This is really useful as it provides an effective way for us to ensure that the work we are doing makes a real difference to people on the ground. In addition, the Champions tell us that their involvement in the network is invaluable due to the different types of support and activities that we provide. 

This year we have begun to expand the network into the voluntary and private sector and we would like to invite more organisations to get involved! 

If you, or a representative from your organisation is interested in joining the network, or for more information in general, please contact Lisa Pattoni, Rikke Iversholt or Ellen Daly on 0141 559 5059.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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