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IRISS is recruiting - Associate Service Designer: Pilotlight

13 Apr, 2012 by Sarah Cockburn

IRISS has a vacancy for a flexible and versatile individual to join us on a temporary and part time basis to develop and deliver our work around self-directed support. 

The associate will be leading on the design of new services and models with stakeholders by looking at how services are currently provided and re-imagine them for the future.

IRISS’s Pilotlight programme is a series of four projects that will design new models and services for the more challenging areas for accessing self-directed support in Scotland.  These ideas will be disseminated to enable support providers to meet the needs of individuals. The programme is collaborative and focused on service design. Two pilot projects will be delivered in 2012-13, and a further two in 2013-14. This is a high profile programme of work, which is part of a wider number of activities with the Changing Support, Changing Lives partnership.

The associate will be working across two projects recruiting organisations and individuals who access support, designing activities that enable participants to engage creatively and meaningfully to generate ideas. The associate will lead on the presentation and development of service blueprints to communicate the research and ideas.

As we are a small organisation, we are looking for someone who can work autonomously, with initiative, flexibility and creativity, and effectively engage with a range of stakeholders.

Further information, including job description and application forms (Part 1 and 2 must be completed) are attached.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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