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Safeguarding children of adults in receipt of palliative care

Dr Carole Comben, University of Stirling
Child care and protection research recordings

Carole Comben speaks about a study that was conducted on the role of the palliative care social worker in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children of adults who are receiving palliative care.

The background is that whilst there is a stress on the importance of the family in palliative care, reference in the literature generally refers to partners, adult relatives and carers. There is minimal research into families where a person who is receiving specialist palliative care has dependent children. The studies that have been undertaken show that the life-threatening illness of a parent has a major impact on family life both emotionally and physically, and particularly for children who rely on their parents for their physical and emotional support. There is also a lack of information about the work that palliative care social workers undertake with such families.

More information on the research

Comben C (2010) Swamp territory: The role of the palliative care social worker in safeguarding children of adults who are receiving specialist palliative care, Stirling: University of Stirling (see attached file).


A transcript of this recording is available in Word format (see above).

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