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Understanding child trafficking and the challenges for practice

Paul Rigby, Researcher in child protection, Glasgow Social Work Services and on secondment at the Criminal Justice Social Work Centre, University of Edinburgh
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In this clip, Paul Rigby talks about some recent work undertaken in Glasgow focused on the issue of child trafficking. Drawing on three reports, he highlights learning about the incidence in child trafficking among the population of 500 unaccompanied children referred to Glasgow social work, themes emerging from a study of professionals' experiences of working, and the findings of a more recent piece of work, due to be published, exploring the use of National Referral Mechanism.

He highlights the importance of locating work with children and young people who may have been trafficked within child protection procedures and practice. As trafficking transcends borders, he identifies a need for more international liaison as part of case enquiries and assessment of risks for children and young people. Learning from practice indicates a need to ensure that a multi-agency group is involved in make decisions about referral into the National Referral Mechanism, and that procedures are put in place to ensure that children are identifiable to agencies should they disappear and come into contact with agencies at a later stage.

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