Evidence-informed practice

One of our three inter-related programmes of work

The Evidence-informed Practice (EiP) programme is focused on achieving better outcomes for people and communities through improved use of evidence. This involves working with members of the social service workforce (all roles and sectors), carers, people supported (or sometimes not supported) by carers or services, social service students, social service educators and researchers. We contribute to Iriss's core outcomes by improving:

  • Access to, and awareness of, evidence
  • Skills and confidence to use, create and apply evidence
  • Use of evidence to inform policies and practice
  • Evidence base quality and range

We are involved in the following activities to achieve the improvement listed above:

  • Co-production of evidence: bringing research producers, people supported by services, carers, practitioner and policy-makers together to collectively identify issues in need of exploration and to research these issues
  • Testing evidence: providing opportunities for practitioners to test research findings in relation to their practice
  • Evidence-based products: producing evidence based products related to practice needs (guides, toolkits etc)
  • Providing ad hoc advice and support: for social service stakeholders seeking to identify evidence, undertake research or improve the use of evidence

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss our projects, strategy or how we can support you with issues related to evidence-informed practice.

Project Managers: Ellen Daly, Stuart Muirhead, Kerry Musselbrook