Knowledge media

One of our three inter-related programmes of work

Knowledge media is about the processes for generating and sharing knowledge, and how the use of different media shapes these processes.

With skills in interactive development and design, as well as knowledge management, we produce multimedia learning resources which are freely available for educational use.

We look for new ways to exploit web-based communication to disseminate and embed knowledge and evidence in practice, for example by digital story-telling, creative storyboards and internet radio.

As a signatory to Scotland's Digital Participation Charter we promote digital literacy and digital participation. Building your personal learning network is a short, animated guide on using social media for professional development and improving digital literacy.

Yet much of the workforce is either prevented or discouraged from participating in web-based communication and collaboration. Our blog - Just Do It! - campaigns, argues and cajoles for the removal of barriers that prevent routine access to social media in the workplace.

All this activity work contributes to the implementation of Knowledge Management Strategy for the Social Services and supports Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS), a gateway to a wealth of information to support practitioners in day to day work and in learning.