Iriss business plan 2019-20

A summary

Our 2019/20 business plan supports the delivery of Social Services in Scotland: A shared vision and strategy 2015-2020.

Improving use of evidence

Social Services Vision and Strategy

We will continue to play a key role in supporting the 'Improving use of evidence' strand of the vision and strategy 2015-2020, through involvement in the advisory group and a number of emerging projects/actions that result from the work.


We will commission a minimum of five concise, accessible and peer-reviewed evidence summaries on topics of interest to the social services workforce, drawing out implications for policy and practice.

Iriss On...

A new series of briefings on processes and approaches with real-world reflections from practitioners will be produced for the workforce. These briefings will be produced monthly and offer a concise overview of approaches relevant to practice.

At least one episode will be published each month. Episodes are produced to coincide with Iriss projects and events, such as Insights, as well as promote other key sector projects, policy, research and events.

Evidence Search and Summary Service

The Evidence Search and Summary Service will continue to support the sector find and use evidence, and will make its evidence reviews and summaries widely available on the web. 

Navigating evidence in the supported year

This project will focus on embedding an evidence-informed approach in practice, using the supported year to bridge evidence use across education and practice. 

Improving digital skills

Online learning 

Iriss has partnered with NHS Education for Scotland to create online courses using the Turas Learn platform. We will work with subject experts to create relevant online learning courses that meet sector needs. 

National Social Services Search

Building on the work of last year, the service will provide a 'one-stop search' across a number of sector websites. The search is currently available across Iriss, SSSC, Care Inspectorate, Social Work Scotland, CCPS and CYCJ. 

Supporting improvement

Improvement approaches

This work will include basic training on use of evidence to support improvement; the production of an improvement toolkit; and consultancy-style support to organisations who are carrying out improvement projects.

Workshops to promote resources

To further spread and scale-up the use of our tools and resources, we will run workshops on a number of themes including:

  • Outcomes
  • Partnerships
  • Continuing Care 
  • Co-production
  • HOW to communicate
  • Appreciative Inquiry

Supporting the emerging workforce

A collaboration with university heads of social work, the College Development Network, SSSC, SWS and SASW to support the emergent / newly-qualified members of the social services workforce. It will involve the planning and delivery of national conferences.