Josie Vallely

Josie Vallely
Job title
Project Manager

I am a Project Manager with Iriss and focus on supporting the use of, and embedding, of the Iriss suite of co-production tools in various contexts. My main role has been the development of the Iriss Co-production Project planner and now I support people to develop their own co-production projects. Previously I was a Service Designer for the Pilotlight project at Iriss.

I also work as a freelance artist and designer with a focus on arts, health and community. My interest in bringing together these fields is routed in my belief that creative thinking opens up new solutions that can make a genuine impact on peoples day-to-day lives. The foundation of my practice is in empathy and user insight and I do not believe that services can be developed without the expertise of those who use them. I work regularly on projects with combined cultural and healthcare interests. I have worked with a wide range of organisations including The Mental Health Foundation, NHSGGC, VOX, Eczema Outreach Scotland, NHS Lothian Speech and Language Therapy Department, RSPB, See me, Queen Margaret University Occupational Health Research team, and the British Lung Foundation.