Lesley Duff

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Job title: Integration Developer
Twitter: @irisslesley

Prior to joining Iriss in 2006 I worked for a Scottish Non-departmental public body in software and web development for the education sector from Early Years/School/Special Educational Needs through to Further and Higher Education. Have over 25 years experience of programming/analyst and database work on a myriad of projects including: desktop software; CD/DVDs; teacher classroom and Continuing Professional Development resources; web sites including large European-funded projects involving partners in other countries and content in other languages.

I'm part of the Knowledge Media team at Iriss mostly working on web projects with a special interest in audio recording (the pictures are better!), podcasting and accessibility.

Previously worked in a private sector company that went under in the previous recession in the early 1990s so the current cuts bring a chill to the core but also the knowledge that sharing information, knowledge and good practice at times of stretched and limited resources is more important now than ever.

Have spent time recuperating from long-term illness and in recent years have been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum, this has given me some additional experience of being a service user - I always hope to find ways of promoting efficient, effective and affordable technology use at all levels of organisations providing public services.

My passion is connecting people with information and with each other, ensuring that the 'have nots' aren't brushed aside in the digital divide and also that Scottish women feel the benefit of technology and not just the male geeks.

Proud female geek. Swine Flu survivor. Oink!

Recent project work: