Practice support

As part of our Reflect programme, we create the conditions for knowledge-based practice and decision making.

Being able to access and use knowledge (research, practice wisdom and life story experience), effectively can help practitioners to learn and develop their practice. It can also help improve organisational culture. We want to create the conditions for practice that are knowledge-informed.

A core part of what we do involves the creation of resources and tools for social work and social care – resources that you can use in your own time. Examples include our course on ethical commissioning in social care, our Insights series of evidence summaries, and our learning and training materials in key areas of Adult Support and Protection.

We also want to provide opportunities for people to think through how they can take knowledge and learning into their practice. We do this by providing ways to share new approaches to improving practice through webinars, workshops and events. Sometimes this activity is focused on particular aspects of practice, but we also explore structural ways in which we can encourage and frame improvement in the sector. See our commissioned guide on Human Learning Systems as an example.

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