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An interview with Donald Macaskill, Chief Executive of Scottish Care.
An interview with Viv Cree, Professor of Social Work Studies at the University of Edinburgh.
Roundtable discussion on the embedding of welfare advisers in health and social care services.
An interview with Tommy Whitelaw, a carer, activist and inspiration.
Our roving reporter on disability issues, Michael McEwan, attended a number of events over Learning Disability Week 2018 (14-20 May) and spoke to the organisers.
The moving story of Jo McFarlane, a writer, poet and public speaker. She provides an engaging story of her early life and journey to recovery, peppered with powerful, and often comic, poetry.
Martin Kettle of Glasgow Caledonian University gives an overview of research on newly qualified social worker perceptions of social work education and practice.
Susan Taylor, past President of Social Work Scotland, provides the keynote on leadership and professional identity, focusing particularly on the post-qualifying period. 
Viviene Cree introduces the Building the Future; Shaping our Social Work Identity conference, and is followed by a presentation by Jane Johnstone who provides some thought provoking asks of attendees.
At the Social Work Scotland AGM 2018, John Devaney, Centenary Chair of Social Work, spoke about social work in Scotland today.