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Information on the web design and movie making activities of the centre, with contribution from those who participate.
Information on the arts activities at the centre with stories from people who take part in painting, photography and dancing.
Michael McEwan speaks to Evan Rae about his experiences as a support worker with Sense Scotland.
Hannah Graham and Gill McIvor from the Scottish Centre for Criminal Justice Research (SCCJR) talk to Michelle Drumm from Iriss about the Iriss Insight they co-authored on the use
The Dundee Early Intervention Team provides early intervention support to families. In this extended conversation, practitioners Natalie, Harriet, Jade, Bianca and Brian share their experiences of working with families using a social pedagogy model.
Michael McEwan has a conversation with Greg Campbell, a support worker, who speaks about his motivations for pursuing a career in care, the transition from education to practice and the positive and challenging experiences.
Interviews with Personal Assistants about their experiences of working in the role, and members of GCIL, WEA and SSSC.
Chat with Jodie Wilkinson about Access Film Club at Glasgow Film Theatre.
Conversation with Ciara Webb (social worker) about her research on restorative justice.
Michael McEwan speaks to Richard Warden about the 2017 Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.