is our podcast presenting discussions, debate and lectures on current topics of interest in the social services.

Parents with learning disabilities, Episode 179

Learning Disability Week 2017As part of Learning Disability Week 2017, we held a roundtable discussion on the topic of parents with learning disabilities to coincide with the launch of our new Iriss Insight on the topic. The discussion highlights how best we can support families where one or both parents have learning disabilities, raises awarenes

Unity Enterprise, Episode 177

Michael McEwan speaks to Loretta Galloway, Learning Disability Service Manager at Unity Enterprise, about the services and supports the organisation provides.

Alzheimer Scotland: Annual Conference and Dementia Awards, Episode 176 recently spoke to Kirsty Wilson from Alzheimer Scotland about two upcoming events in 2017: their annual conference and the national Dementia Awards. She also tells us about some of the exciting work being undertaken by Alzheimer Scotland this year. 

Enter the Dementia Awards 2017. Closing date is 31 March.

How do you find real lack and real passion?, Episode 175

On 24 October 2016 at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Dr Robert French led an Iriss workshop exploring how to negotiate a way through the complexities of our managed world, in order to do some of the worthwhile things we feel passionate about.

In this talk he includes examples from his own experience of the school education system in England, the poet John Keats and the text 'Symposium' by the Classical Greek philosopher, Plato.

Self-directed support survey, Episode 174

On 21st February 2017, spoke to Cathy McGregor and Lorraine Gillies from Audit Scotland about the national self-directed support survey that has been recently circulated.

ISBA 2016: No limits - Jamie Andrew, Episode 173

Jamie Andrew, mountaineer, adventurer and author tells his personal story of surviving an avalanche on the Les Droites mountain in the French Alps. He speaks about dealing with the life-changing challenges that followed and reaching his goals.

Introduced by Donald Macleod, Conference Chair.

Recorded at the 10th International Short Break Association conference, 13–15 September 2016, Edinburgh, Scotland.

ISBA 2016: Reframing respite - Maureen Flynn, Episode 171

The Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme was created in 2013, and builds on lessons learned from other countries relating to self-directed support and personalisation. It hopes to enable social and economic participation as citizens for people with disabilities with a full roll-out by 2020.