Extended link supervisor model - Anne Spiers

Key Capabilities in Child Care and Protection
Published on 3 Jun 2008

This episode might be of interest to anyone involved in student practice learning within the workplace. Although its focus is on social work practice, the model described could be adapted for use within a wide range of other professional contexts.

Anne Spiers, a member of the Workforce Planning and Development section of City of Edinburgh Council outlines a model of engagement with students within her authority that provides them with diverse opportunities to meet the standards set down by their learning programmes. She explains the model adopted and provides concrete examples of how this can be applied in practice. Through these examples, she covers thorny issues such as, whose responsibility it is to provide the assessment of a student's practice; how students can meet the requirements of their learning programme whilst working with a range of supervisors and who is ultimately in control?

If you would like to know more about the Extended Link Supervisor Model visit the archived version of the site.

Key Capabilities in Child Care and Protection

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