Freshly Squeezed: Ian Welsh, Episode 214
Published on 19 Sep 2018

Freshly Squeezed is an Iriss podcast which aims to 'squeeze' information and inspiration from key influencers in social services in Scotland. 

In this episode, Michelle Drumm speaks to Ian Welsh, Chief Executive of the Health and Social Care Alliance

Ian Welsh and Michelle Drumm

Ian has been Director of UK Services for the Rehab Group, leading charities working in care, supported employment, rehabilitation and training. 

In his time as Chief Executive and Board member of Kilmarnock Football Club, he led the club through business and footballing success, building a number of innovative community programmes. He also served as a non-executive Director of Glasgow Prestwick Airport and as Executive Director of Human Resources and Public Affairs.

He has spent time in politics as an elected member leading first Kyle and Carrick District Council and then South Ayrshire Council before serving briefly as MSP for Ayr. 

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