Freshly Squeezed: Jackie Irvine, Episode 243
Published on 7 May 2019
Jackie Irvine and Michelle Drumm
Jackie Irvine and Michelle Drumm

Freshly Squeezed is an Iriss podcast which aims to 'squeeze' information and inspiration from key influencers in social services in Scotland.

Michelle Drumm interviews Jackie Irvine, Chief Social Work Officer and Head of Safer and Stronger Communities in the City of Edinburgh Council. Jackie was appointed as the President of Social Work Scotland in May 2018 and her tenure as president comes to an end in May 2019. However, as Past President Jackie will stay on as a key member of the Executive Group at Social Work Scotland.

Jackie’s previous positions were predominantly in children’s services, but not exclusively, as she has been lead for criminal justice, community based health services, and adult hospital-based social work teams. 

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