Freshly Squeezed: Viv Cree, Episode 209
Published on 2 Aug 2018

Freshly Squeezed is an Iriss podcast which aims to 'squeeze' information and inspiration from key influencers in social services in Scotland. 

Michelle Drumm from Iriss 'squeezes' Viv Cree, Professor of Social Work Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Viv Cree and Michelle Drumm
Viv Cree and Michelle Drumm

Viv has conducted research in a number of social work-related fields over the last 20 years, focusing mainly on qualitative research that aims to improve social work services, and hence, the lives of those who use services. 

Within this, she specialised in research on social work history, feminism and gender in social work, HIV and children and young people affected by parental illness.

Before coming to the university, Viv worked for 16 years as a professional social worker and community worker in both the statutory and voluntary sectors. She is an accredited practice teacher.


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