Research governance in social care, Episode 245
Published on 6 Jun 2019

Irina McLean, Project Leader with NHS Research Scotland Management Team, is currently leading the development of a Research Governance Framework (RGF) which will meet the needs of Scotland’s Social Care Services employers, staff, and service users and their families.

Irina McLean and Michelle Drumm
Irina McLean and Michelle Drumm

The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 sets the context for the integration of adult health and social care within Scotland. Underpinning the introduction of the Act was a commitment to ensure the consistent provision of quality, sustainable care services for the increasing numbers of people in Scotland who need joined-up support and care.

The Scottish Government recognises that for successful reform and effective integration of health and social care sectors collective ethical and accountable research practices are required.

The new RGF is currently being defined through a process of engagement.

In this episode, Irina tells us more about the work she is doing. If you would like to follow up with Irina about the RGF or speak to her about research you're involved in, you can contact her direct at: 



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