Secure care in Scotland, Episode 183
Published on 31 May 2017

The second of two episodes to celebrate the Festival of Residential Child Care 2017.

Debbie Nolan, Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice (CYCJ) introduces Alison Gough, secure care national adviser, also of CYCJ. She asks her about the key messages emerging from the Secure Care National Project, which were published in the 2016 CYCJ report: Secure care in Scotland: looking ahead

Deborah, Lesley and Sharon, who all work in secure care, share their perspectives, experiences, hopes and priorities for the future for young people in, and on the edges of, secure care and the sector.  

Discussion points:

  • Public and professional perceptions of secure care and whether these chime with practice experience
  • The implications for secure care practitioners helping young people who have been involved in seriously harming others, alongside those who have been exploited and are very vulnerable to further harm
  • Priorities for the planned strategic board for secure care, next steps, and the involvement of practitioners
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