Why attachment matters in helping children to resolve trauma - Dan Hughes

Why Attachment Matters, SIRCC seminar
Published on 1 Oct 2009

Dr Dan Hughes is a clinical psychologist who specialises in child abuse and neglect, attachment, foster care and adoption. He is the originator of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy – a relational therapy that integrates research in the areas of the neuro-biology of trauma, early child development and attachment theory. Dan trains other therapists in his model of treatment internationally and has been a regular visitor to Scotland since 2004.

He is the author of three ground-breaking books:

Dr Hughes has also published It Was That One Moment...: Dan Hughes' Poetry and Reflections on a Life of Making Relationships with Children and Young People, which may be of interest to those who attended the seminar.

N.B. The PowerPoint presentation associated with this session (a series of photos) cannot be republished here for copyright reasons.

Recorded at Why Attachment Matters, SIRCC seminar.

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