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Using the Sony Playstation Portable (PsP) for context based learning


Smart phones and tablet devices offer increasingly diverse ways of communicating which means that certain activities that once might have required specialised equipment are now possible using everyday devices. This mainstreaming of technology has implications for the workforce as well as those who use services.

Educational engagement seminar
Wednesday, 28 November, 2012
IRISS, 51 Wilson Street, Glasgow

Aeminar to explore the educational potential of Mindreel, a database containing more 100 films about mental health. The films are freely available to all, and some may be downloaded for educational use.

Developing skills to support mobile learning
Thursday, 13 December, 2012
Touchbase, Glasgow

Half day workshop in conjunction with SSSC.

Designed for people with a role or interest in designing or delivering learning. The workshop will introduce some simple tools (RSS news feeds, social bookmarking and Twitter) for finding, organising and sharing web-based resources. The workshop will also look at the potential of iTunes for finding and sharing learning materials and encourage you to think about creating your own podcasts using Garageband or audioboo. 


18 Oct, 2012 by Ian Watson

Mindreel screenshots

Mindreel, the database of films about mental health, has been completely overhauled and redesigned to firmly establish its place as an important and invaluable educational resource.

It now hosts just over 100 films, and there are a few more in the pipeline. The new features include:

a cost effective approach to improving learning retention

Keith Quinn, Senior Education and Workforce Development Adviser with SSSC (Scottish Social Services Council), describes an e-learning model which uses the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) console to deliver on‑the-spot training in the workplace. Markers (like a barcode) are inserted into training manual or materials.  When the PSP is pointed at the marker it triggers a video to illustrate the learning point.

12 Oct, 2011 by Ian Watson

Monday 24 October is the closing day of Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival.

Launch of Leading for Outcomes

IRISS held the launch of its Leading for Outcomes series, which is designed to support teams towards an outcomes-focused approach to service provision on the 24th of June 2011.

Using the guides in practice: the statutory sector and training. Martin Kettle, Glasgow Caledonian University and South Lanarkshire Council.

A repository of open educational resources

SWAPBox is a JISC-funded project project to bring together, through the development of a dedicated repository, existing high quality digital materials that can be used for technology enhanced learning in socialwork and social policy.