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30 Oct, 2014 by Michelle Drumm

We're delighted that Creative Care and Support has funded six wonderful projects in Pitlochry from its funding pot. As part of the project, we made a seed fund of £10,000 available to help people who use services, carers and the wider community of Pitlochry, with ideas for a new business start up, or existing small businesses develop new innovative ideas. 

The six projects that have received funding include:

28 Oct, 2014 by Michelle Drumm

Pilotlight is working with co-design teams of people who use and deliver services across Scotland to design four pathways to self-directed support for seldom heard groups.

Many disabled people want to work but face barriers to employment. Self-directed support has the potential to enable disabled people to work through small business start ups.

8 Oct, 2014 by Michelle Drumm

We are pleased to announce that the Annual General Meeting of IRISS will take place on the afternoon of Thursday, 30 October 2014 at St Mungo’s Museum function room, 2 Castle Street, Glasgow, G4 0RH.

7 Oct, 2014 by Michelle Drumm

You might remember a group of 40 people who sang their hearts out at the Social Services Expo in March 2014? That was 'In Full Voice' (previously the social services choir).

Over the past months, 'In Full Voice' has gone from strength to strength. As a group, it's been honing its skills, having fun and learning lots of new songs. And now it is ready to showcase all its hard work to the world. 

A performance has been arranged for Monday 20th October at 7pm at Theatre Nemo (130 Bridgegate, Glasgow, Glasgow City G1 5HZ).

6 Oct, 2014 by Michelle Drumm

IRISS is involved in the design and facilitation of a third event in a series exploring the meaning of home and how home contributes to individual and community well-being. It is being held on 23 October at the Scottish Universities Insight Institute.

The workshop is funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute and forms part of the 2014 Well-being theme