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16 Apr, 2015 by Lisa Pattoni

Are demands on the social services workforce greater now than they have ever been? What are the views of practitioners about their work?

The current climate poses both challenges and opportunities. We want to better understand these challenges by finding out more from people working at all kinds of levels and in all kinds of roles about the real experience of delivering care and support.

18 May, 2015 by Michelle Drumm

Pilotlight set out to lead thinking on 
co-designing self-directed support for
 people across Scotland.

13 May, 2015 by Michelle Drumm

In 2014, IRISS, in partnership with a range of organisations, led a year-long futures project - Imagining the Future - which explored the nature of support and social services in 2025 in Scotland.

22 Apr, 2015 by Gayle RIce

Over 2014-'15 the Innovation and Improvement programme ran a project called Relationships Matter which:

3 Apr, 2015 by Michelle Drumm

IRISS wants to better understand practitioners’ experiences of delivering care and support in Scotland and part of The View from Here project will be to undertake a survey in partnership with the Guardian to reach a broad audience across Scotland. This survey will be available later in April.