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Leading for outcomes

Guidance on leading teams towards an outcomes-focused approach

Leading for Outcomes is a series of guides that provide support and training materials to help lead the social services workforce to focus on the outcomes important to people.

The guides are freely available:

Leading for outcomes: a guide

Leading for outcomes: parental substance misuse

Leading for outcomes: children and young people

Leading for outcomes: dementia 

Leading for outcomes: integrated working 

Each guide is aimed at team leaders, managers and trainers in social services and related areas. The guides are designed to be adaptable and teams can use them in the way that is most appropriate for their needs and their area of practice. The guides were developed in partnership with researchers, policy-makers, managers and practitioners.

We have also produced a complimentary guide about Understanding and measuring outcomes developed to support individuals and organisations to collect and use personal outcomes data.

We would be keen to hear your feedback so please feel free to contact the Evidence-informed Practice team.

Slides from the event launch event for the Leading for Outcomes guides held in June 2011.

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