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Digital storytelling - personalisation

A social worker explains how video can help us 'see beyond the disability'
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'People with disabilities have all sort of skills and abilities and that's what needs to be promoted. We need to get beyond seeing the disability, and I think video's a really good way of doing it.'

 David Lettice is a social worker with East Renfrewshire Council. He became involved with Liam, a 20 year old man with autism, when his case was transferred from the transitions team to the integrated learning disability team, where David works.

David talks about the role of social services in supporting people with disabilities so that they can be as independent as possible, and how the various agencies co-ordinate with each another.

He goes on to talk about the idea of creating a 'video CV' for Liam to help him pursue his aspiration to work in the theatre.

Liam's case illustrates personalisation in practice and value of digital storytelling:


Shooting Liam's Video Liam Robertson Liam Robertson's parents Kenny & Mary Robertson

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