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Goodbye LOOK, hello world…

May 2014
explore the rich landscape of modern data visualisation

When we started our first data visualisation projects in 2009 the landscape of visualisation tools was very different and the topic itself was new to the Scottish social services sector.  Our mission then, as it is now, was to create better communication and understanding of both data visualisation and data itself - we think that’s well underway now.

A large part of the initial data visualisation strand was our bespoke online tool - LOOK. This was developed and launched in early 2010 and has been a great learning process for us and others in the sector.

However, as techniques and technology have progressed recently, our tool is looking a bit dated and redundant - there’s many new/free/open source tools out there which we think do a good or better job.

So with immediate effect we’re announcing the closure of our LOOK data visualisation toolkit. We are a little sad to see it go, but feel proud of what we were able to create, and very happy that there is so many other tools are now available to meet the visualisation needs of the sector.

This page should be a good starting point for you to explore the rich landscape of modern data visualisation. Happy Visualising!

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