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Research advice service

Advice, guidance and support for people carrying out research within the social services

The IRISS Research Advice Service offers advice, guidance and support to those working in social services in Scotland to carry out their own research.

What is it for?

The drive towards evidence-informed practice in social services increasingly demands that practitioners not only use research to inform their work but are also involved in producing research to evaluate their services and to engage with people who use services and carers.

We believe that research is for everyone and need not be difficult. The IRISS Research Advice Service will help you get started, providing hints and tips as well as continuing support to create and use research that will inform your practice.

What sorts of things can you ask?

Our team of researchers are happy to help in a number of different areas, including:

  • Defining your research question
  • Research ethics
  • Questionnaire/survey design
  • General research techniques and methods
  • Practical issues in doing fieldwork
  • Statistical techniques
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Report writing

Please note that we are not able to undertake statistical analysis, fieldwork or research design on your behalf. Rather, we will help you understand the methodologies and how to use them.

Who can use the service?

We are happy to provide advice to anyone in the social care workforce - statutory, private or voluntary sector in Scotland.

How do I submit my enquiry?

Just complete the enquiry form and we will respond to your enquiry within three working days, and provide a full response within five working days.

Make a research advice service enquiry