My innovation monster - workshop card

About us

Our vision is for a Scotland where people and communities are supported to live the best life possible.


Iriss is a charity that works with people, workers and organisations in social work and social care to help them use knowledge and innovation to make positive change happen.

We have supported social work and social care in Scotland since 2008, bringing skills and expertise from a range of disciplines to our work. 

What we value

We partner with others to create knowledge that can be applied practically and thoughtfully to support better practice. We are committed to learning and developing our knowledge to benefit the sector.

We are open in sharing ideas, insight and knowledge. It matters that our resources are accessible and easy to use.

We work alongside people and workers to make change happen, and believe everyone brings expertise from their own experience. Core to our approach is understanding what matters to people, and respecting their rights and freedoms.

We are honest, ethical and fair in all our activities. We deliver on our promises and take the time to respond to those who engage with us.

We are curious and open to challenging ideas that help us explore new and better ways of doing and sharing our work. We ask questions, such as ‘Does this work’ or ‘Is there a better way?