About us

Iriss is a charity that has supported the social services workforce in Scotland since 2008. Our work involves working with people and services across the sector — local authority, third sector and private — to improve the knowledge and skills of the workforce and ultimately, improve the quality of social services. By improving services we improve the lives of people across Scotland. The majority of our work is funded by the Scottish Government.

Our mission is to build the capacity and capability of the Scottish social services workforce, to access and make use of knowledge and evidence-informed practice, for service improvement.

Our vision is for a high quality, continually improving social services sector renowned for its effective use of knowledge and research-informed practice.


  • We want to ensure the workforce has the knowledge, tools and skills to effectively use evidence
  • We seek to embed a culture of collaboration — where individuals and organisations in the sector are supported and inspired to work together to improve services.

Annual report and accounts

Iriss publishes a yearly report with accounts for the twelve months ending 31 March: