About us

Improving lives through knowledge, evidence and innovation

Our mission

We promote positive outcomes for the people who use Scotland's social services, by enhancing the capacity and capability of the social services workforce, to access and make use of knowledge and research for service improvement.

Our vision

A high quality, continually improving social services sector renowned for its effective use of knowledge and research-based innovation.

Our values

We are innovative

  • We have the confidence to imagine the future of care and support in Scotland 
  • We are both appreciative and challenging of the status quo 
  • We pioneer and test out new ways of working
  • We are not afraid to take some risks along the way

We are always learning 

  • We learn from what works and what doesn’t 
  • We are interested in all types of evidence
  • We continuously learn from each other:
    • people at Iriss
    • people across social services
    • people from other sectors
    • people with lived experience 
    • And we believe learning should drive change and be shared with others

We value people and relationships

  • We believe in active citizenship and involving people who access care and support in a meaningful way
  • We promote and sustain power sharing across sectors, hierarchies and between practitioners and people with lived experience
  • We act as an honest broker; provide safe spaces and promote more facilitative ways of working 
  • We harness and pool the assets of people (and place), are inclusive of all voices and promote and sustain equality of opportunities

We communicate creatively and openly

  • We enquire, listen, and contribute to conversations
  • We share our learning; all our creations are adaptable and free to use 
  • We communicate clearly and creatively using multimedia 
  • We are open to new ideas, wherever they come from