About us

Iriss is a charity that works with social work and social care to create positive change in Scotland.

We do this by supporting people, practitioners and organisations to:

  • Innovate and change – we work with groups who want to change service design, practice or processes.
  • Reflect on, and make use of knowledge – access and use knowledge (research, practice wisdom and life story experience), effectively for learning and development.
  • Make better use of data and information – change how data is collected and analysed to improve how to plan services, make better decisions, and capture and understand people’s experiences.
  • Use digital technology for learning and innovation – we support the use of Near Me video calling in social work and social care, as well as provide expertise and skills to adopt new technologies, and develop and design digital resources.

What’s the difference we want to make?

Our vision is for a Scotland where people and communities are supported to live the best life possible.

To realise this vision we want those we work with to:

  • Have increased access to good quality knowledge
  • Make better use of existing knowledge for learning and change
  • Be able to understand the information they collect and make better use of it
  • Have the knowledge, confidence and support they need to change and innovate 
  • Have the knowledge and support to build collaborations, solve complex problems and change the system

Annual report and accounts

Iriss publishes a yearly report with accounts for the twelve months ending 31 March: