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An interview with Ben Farrugia, Director of Social Work Scotland., Episode 237
Has self-directed support been the radical policy that it was set out to be? Charlotte Pearson and Nick Watson tell us about their research., Episode 236
We hear about Social Security Scotland's work to date and its ambitions for the future.
a teaser for the Iriss HOW workshop series
*/, Episode 235
Conversation with Deirdre Henderson and Denis Shovlin about the set-up, aims and ambitions of the panel.
Insight 46
Explores what is understood by 'social media', perceived risks of using it, opportunities, relationship to workforce wellbeing and future implications for practice., Episode 234
Conversation with Kate Samuels from Generations Working Together about the work it does to promote and support intergenerational practice. She also chatted to Keith Mitchell and Natalie Stewart from…, Episode 233
Michael McEwan speaks to Libby Clement from SCLD; James Morton, Bake Off finalist; and Jonathan McKinstry, a nominee in the 2018 Learning Disability Awards.
Insight 45
Explores the evidence and implications for practice of people's participation in the design and delivery of health and social care.
ESSS Outline
Looks at the relationship between poverty and engagement with transitional support interventions for young people with disabilities.