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6 May 2021
Going out to see bands, clubbing, or seeing friends is part of everyday life for lots of people. However, if you have a learning disability you may need support to do this.  Stay Up Late is a…
19 Apr 2021
When children are really vulnerable to harm social workers have to work even harder to create partnership with families where risk is present. For infants, babies, and very young children, as well…
8 Apr 2021
Mecoco (Meaningful Contribution in your Community) is a social enterprise based in North Ayrshire that supports people into employment. The founder, Jenny Trott, believes that regardless of their…
18 Mar 2021
Monica Nicolin and Gillian Ritch, social workers based in Stornoway and Orkney respectively, speak about dual relationships in rural social work. These presentations were given at a webinar held in…

Iriss resources

Insight 61
A summary of the evidence from policy and scrutiny activity, and recommendations for the future direction of SDS policy and practice.
Insight 60
Considers some of the challenges posed to child protection processes in Scotland as a result of the evolving range of risks and harm which children and young people face in the 21st century.
A course for supporting the writing of analysis in social care records
A course that provides a practical framework for supporting the writing of analysis in social care records, and is relevant to those working in social work and social care.
This report provides a summary of the main areas covered in the Chief Social Work Officer Annual Reports.
Insight 59
Explores the relevance of attachment to our understanding of dementia and its impact on people and their family carers.
ESSS Outline
Examines how housing quality has affected people's wellbeing during the pandemic.
How managers in child welfare and protection services make decisions
Highlights the nature and context of 'blind' decision making and shows the impact of relationship, trust and communication in managers’ decision making.
Insight 58
Outlines the concept of emotional resilience and considers how the policy and practice of social work may influence the development of organisational cultures.
ESSS Outline
Evidence summary that provides an overview of obesity and weight management in children and young people with autism.
Implications for social work practice with adults and older people
Student research that presents a thematic exploration of the reciprocal roles of self-efficacy, risk and service provision, to address some of the gaps in the existing literature for relationship-…