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ESSS Outline

This Outline explores the impact of parental substance misuse on children and identifies evidence around effective methods of intervention for social workers.

Multiple studies identifying…

ESSS Outline

This Outline explores good practice approaches to investigating child sexual abuse that may minimise harm or distress to the child (and non-abusing parent). It draws on Serious Case Reviews,…

ESSS Outline

This Outline addresses the following questions: 

What interventions have been effective in increasing reporting of hate crimes motivated by perceptions of learning disabilities and mental…, Episode 190

The launch of PAssport to Independent Living, a published collection of stories written by Personal Assistants (PA) about their experiences of what it’s like to work as a Personal Assistant in…, Episode 189

Our roving reporter on disability issues, Michael McEwan, speaks to Jodie Wilkinson, the Public Engagement Coordinator of Access Film Club which is hosted at Glasgow Film Theatre. She speaks about…

Introduction     Supervision (incl. supervision in an integrated context) Leading change in supervision: messages from practice Step Into Leadership: supervision guidance Leadership (incl.…, Episode 188

'Restorative Justice is a process of dialogue between two parties; in the context of criminal justice social work this will be a victim (or person harmed) and an offender (one who has caused harm…, Episode 187

Michael McEwan speaks to Richard Warden, the film lead, about the 2017 Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival (10-29 October).

Insight 39
Key points Research points to parents' experiences of child protection investigations and associated processes as often being unpleasant and disrespectful Learning from parents' experiences needs…
Activity report 2016-17

Since the end of 2015, Maddiston Community Council, Iriss and a range of other partners have helped carry out a variety of local activities in Maddiston and Rumford. The aim of this work was to…