Stuart Muirhead

Stuart Muirhead
Job title: Head of Programmes

Stuart leads the team in Iriss to deliver on the innovation, practice and change projects we carry out alongside the social care and support workforce. He joined Iriss as a Project Manager in Evidence-informed Practice in 2014.

Please get in touch with Stuart if you have any questions about 

  • the work we do
  • ideas about work we might be able to do together in the future.
  • Practitioner research
  • Supervision and leadership
  • Dialogic approaches within teams and organisational groups
  • Hospital to home pathways for older people
  • Well-being and self-care
  • Impact and outcomes reporting

Stuart has an academic grounding in the field of human geography. Following his PhD he worked within the Scottish Government and the University of Sheffield, as well as carrying out a number of fixed-term consultancy research roles. Within each of these, he enjoyed working across the boundaries of academic, policy and practitioner knowledges, seeking to link these worlds in meaningful and impactful ways.