Short videos filmed, commissioned or licensed by Iriss.

Relationship-based practice in a digital world

Event recording

This event, held in May 2021, explored what we have learned over the past year about creating and maintaining relationships through the use of technology. It provided the Scottish policy context; evidence about how our national capacity developed; and examples of innovation and development in digital social work. 

It was a partnership event between Iriss, the Scottish Association of Social Work (SASW) and Social Work Scotland.

A Shared Experience: showcase and findings

Video of the resource launch

In May 2021, we launched 'A Shared Experience', an online resource which brings together the learning from a collection of stories gathered by the Personal Outcomes Network (PON) throughout 2020.

This is a recording of the authors, Emma Miller (University of Strathclyde) and Ellen Daly (Iriss), discussing the key features and findings of the stories gathered for the resource.

How early years trauma affects the brain

The child who mistrusts good care

Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes summarises how the brain reacts to trauma and how an understanding of this process is helpful to foster and adoptive parents and professionals.

Autism and acting

Liam's career four years on

Liam Robertson

In 2012 Liam Robertson, who is on the autism spectrum, told us about his passion for TV, film and theatre and his ambition to become an actor. Liam's story is inspirational, demonstrating the importance of seeing the person, not the disability.

Shaping the future

Making a successful transition from student to social worker


What's it like for a student leaving university and making the transition into the world of work?

Iriss teamed up with Glasgow Caledonian University, SSSC, the Scottish Association of Social Workers and the Scottish Government to find out. About 120 final year students as well as newly qualified social workers gathered at GCU on 22 January 2015 to share information and experience with aim of helping to shape the future direction of social work.

Building your personal learning network

People who can seek new information, make sense of it, and share it with their colleagues will be an asset to any work team

A network of people
In today’s workplace we learn with and from one another. This is called social learning. Popular social media, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, offer great opportunities for connecting, conversing, collaborating... and learning from one another…

Fostering innovation: a shared learning experience

Building a culture of innovation where staff ideas, empowerment, and leadership drive change and improvement

Darren Levine

Darren Levine is Manager of Innovation and Research for the Social Services Department, The Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario, Canada. This role involves supporting the development, implementation, and evaluation of staff-driven innovation and research across the department's divisions - Children's Services, Family Services, Income and Employment Support, Housing Services, Long Term Care and Services for Seniors, and Business Affairs and Financial Management.

The Arts and Social Care

A visual story

The Arts and Social Care
Research exploring the role of arts in the delivery of adult social care with a particular emphasis of workforce development.

Personality disorder

Dr Andrea Williams

A talk in seven parts presented by Dr Andrea Williams, Consultant Psychiatrist Personality Disorder and Homeless Team, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Journeys back into work: Lyndsay Scott

Journeys back into work

Lyndsay Scott

Lyndsay Scott has a visual impairment which proved a barrier to finding employment. With support from RNIB she was able develop the skills necessary to work in cafe and subsequently become a manager,

One of a series of videos on the subject of supported employment, made by Iriss in partnership with SUSE (Scottish Union of Supported Employment).