Tools are objects that aim to support people perform a function to achieve a desired outcome. A suite of tools that seek to enable a common outcome make up a toolkit.

Like any kind of tool, a tool designed to support people to consider community and societal issues is never used for its own sake. Instead it supports a practice of engagement when thinking about issues and working with other people. This means that your toolbox needs to contain many other elements alongside your tools; considering the approach you embody, language you use, the values and assumptions that are complicit in your actions and intentions, and the context you are working in are all important. All of these additional elements combine to affect the outcomes of interactions in which tools are used.

The Tea-Brief

What would happen if we took five minutes, just for us?

A tea-brief is a debrief with a difference. It's an opportunity to take time for reflection, and build stronger relationships in a staff team. You can take a tea-brief after an incident, or can choose to ringfence time for a tea-brief when you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Tea-briefs are also about reflection and sharing positive feedback.

Continuing Care & CO

conversation openers

Continuing Care & CO
A tool to support practitioners, individually and in groups, reflect on their views and values when continuing to care for young people who are leaving care.

Community of Enquiry

A guide

Community of Enquiry
A Community of Enquiry (CoE) is a workshop-style session that offers space for a group of people to collaboratively explore ideas and ask rich and meaningful questions of each other.

Partnerships & CO

conversation openers

Partnerships & CO
A tool that provides a framework for open, honest conversations about partnerships.

Co-production Project Planner

a resource to support co-production projects to happen effectively

Co-production project planner
Contains a project planning workbook, a guide to planning co-production projects and suite of Iriss facilitation tools.

National Social Services Search

Search resources from Iriss, SSSC and the Care Inspectorate

A test facility designed to search resources across multiple national websites.

Outcomes & CO

conversation openers

Outcomes and CO
A tool that provides a framework for open, honest conversations about personal outcomes


an activity based tool that aims to support people accessing services

Buddy a support tool
an activity based tool that aims to support people accessing services, at the start of their journey

Creative storyboarding

A guide to creative storyboarding and animation

an Iriss guide in six simple steps to using creative storyboarding to bring your story to life