Voices and Visions: Hearing from 3rd Sector Organisations

26 Jun 2024

Along with our project partner, People Know How, we are beginning to look at social work student placements in the third sector; how they are now, and building a vision for the future. From our own work, we know about the challenges in the social work context; for example how leadership, and leadership development in social work, is impacted by squeezed time and a lack of resources.

ASPire 2024 - Keynote Talks

22 Feb 2024

On the 22 February 2024, ASPire took place at The Barracks in Stirling. Featuring keynote speakers with specialisms across adult support and protection. 

Hidden issues in rural social work and communities

9 May 2024
We are delighted to announce the second ever rural social work conference in Scotland. This free online conference will explore hidden issues and injustices in rural communities and the role of rural social workers.

Tackling child poverty in rural settings

21 Mar 2024
Iriss hosted an online event on March 21 2024 focusing on child poverty in rural settings, and the role of rural social workers and other community stakeholders.

Wellbeing and the rural practitioner

5 Dec 2023
On Tuesday 5 December 2023 we hosted a webinar exploring the findings of the Setting the Bar for Social Work in Scotland research. This research touches on what makes people want to stay in, or leave the profession…

Empowering the Workforce: Supporting African Families

22 Jun 2023
Passion4Fusion and Iriss are developing resources for the social care workforce to build understanding and the knowledge required to support children, young people and families from ethnic minority backgrounds…