Evidence summaries to support social work and social care in Scotland. They are reviewed by people with research, policy and practice expertise to ensure they are robust and meet the needs of social service stakeholders in Scotland.

Social work’s relationship with the PREVENT duty

Insight 74

This Insight examines the underlying assumptions within radicalisation policy, and aims to encourage discussion around the understanding of their influence upon practice, and to help practitioners consider ways to uphold anti-oppressive and anti-racist social work values.

Supported decision making

Insight 73

This Insight provides an overview of the policy and legislative background to supported decision making (SDM). It also provides a brief summary of research looking at how SDM may be approached and details the implications for social work practice…

The importance of workplace learning for social workers

Insight 67

Provides social workers – and those concerned with their learning and development – the opportunity to consider ideas from workplace learning theory. This is alongside research and evidence from the experiences of social workers to help shape effective workplace and organisational practices.