Insights are evidence summaries to support the social services in Scotland. They outline the evidence and discuss the potential implications for the social services.

Insights are reviewed by people with research, policy and practice expertise to ensure they are robust and meet the needs of social service stakeholders in Scotland.

If you have an idea about a topic for an Insight that you think would be useful for a wide social service audience we would be delighted to hear from you.

Pre-birth child protection

Insight 42

The focus of this Insight is pre-birth child protection assessment and care planning, and more specifically, the lead social work role within this work.

Electronic monitoring in the criminal justice system

Insight 40

Electronic monitoring (EM) is a generic term that encompasses a number of monitoring technologies and approaches. It can be used with different people for diverse purposes in youth justice and adult criminal justice systems (Nellis, Beyens and Kampinski, 2013). For the last 30 years, numerous western countries have predominantly used EM to monitor adult offenders’ compliance with curfews and other restrictions.

Child protection: listening to and learning from parents

Insight 39

The value of participation by service users in shaping and improving practice and services is well recognised in much existing guidance and practice, but less so in relation to contact with families of children referred on child protection grounds.

Good practice with fathers in children and family services

Insight 38

How we think about and understand fathering has changed. Active ‘fathering’ is now an accepted role for men at home and fathers are visible outside the school gates, in parks and playgrounds and in the streets and shopping centres. Fathers’ involvement in child care increased from less than 15 minutes a day in the mid-1970s to three hours a day during the week by the late 1990s, with more at the weekend. This trend of increasing involvement has continued…

Parents with learning disabilities

Insight 37

Families where one or both parents have a learning disability can often have very complex needs as a result of a range of issues including poverty, discrimination, depression, poor self-esteem, and unemployment. These families are often over-represented in care proceedings due to a perception that the parent(s) do not possess the skills and knowledge necessary to parent effectively rather than them being purposefully neglectful or abusive.

Gypsy Travellers: Human rights and social work’s role

Insight 35

Gypsy Travellers have an important place in modern day Scotland with a heritage and culture that should be celebrated and valued. The fact that they are often not, points to deep seated prejudices that should be positively challenged.

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