Evidence summaries to support the social services in Scotland. They are reviewed by people with research, policy and practice expertise to ensure they are robust and meet the needs of social service stakeholders in Scotland.

Advocacy: Models and effectiveness

Insight 20

Insight 20 - Advocacy: Models and effectiveness
Draws on evidence in relation to advocacy with both children and adults and on literature from the fields of health and social care. It outlines the key elements of the most prevalent models of advocacy and identifies good practice, as well as the limitations of advocacy models.

Culture change in the public sector

Insight 17

Insight 17 - Culture change in the public sector
Examine definitions and approaches to organisational culture and how they relate to the public sector; the type of change that identifies as cultural; what the enablers are to culture change; and describe some of the challenges to changing cultures in the public sector.

Permanence and stability for disabled looked after children

Insight 11

Insight 11 - Permanence and stability for disabled looked after children
Explores the evidence on the experiences of disabled looked after children in relation to permanence and placement stability in the care system. It examines if there are any particular difficulties in pursuing permanency and good practice for disabled looked after children.