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Reimagining social work

Iriss & North Ayrshire HSCP

This report provides an overview of a project between Iriss and North Ayrshire HSCP from April 2023 and February 2024. A brief background is outlined and a summary of workshop activity provided, with detailed workshop reports available in the appendices…

CSWO Annual Report Summary


This summary report provides an analysis and overview of the Chief Social Work Officer (CSWO) 2022-2023 Annual Reports. These annual reports are based around a reporting template and give a general overview of the social work landscape in Scotland.

Leadership in social work

Reporting on research to explore the current practice context of social work leadership in Scotland, through the perspectives of social workers from across the profession, with the aim of better understanding how Social Work Scotland and its partners, including Iriss, can support developing and existing leaders in future…

The Adult Support and Protection National Large Scale Investigation Framework

This framework offers a set of processes and principles that will be helpful to those conducting and/or participating in Large Scale Investigations. To help think through how these processes and principles can be realised, the framework also contains practice steps that can be considered as hallmarks of good practice…

Chronologies in Adult Support and Protection: moving from current to best

This report describes scoping research undertaken by Iriss in support of the implementation of key elements of the Adult Support and Protection (ASP) National Improvement Plan (Scottish Government, 2019), in relation to the areas of 'data and evidence' and 'practice improvement.' A key focus is chronologies, which are consistently identified across inspection reports and numerous other reviews of adult Support and Protection activity (including Significant Case Reviews) as an area of improvement…

Adult Support and Protection: everyone's business

Adult Support and Protection (ASP) is designed to support and protect adults who are unable to safeguard themselves, their property and their rights. The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 (ASPA) both defines and provides the legislation framework for all of this work. This report aims to raise awareness of ASP and its important role and contribution in keeping ‘adults at risk’ safe…

SCOPE stories

Transforming complex care

This resource describes a project undertaken by Iriss and the SCOPE team, part of Perth & Kinross Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP). Iriss and the SCOPE team worked together in 2022 to understand the difference the SCOPE approach is making to the team and those it supports. We captured stories from the SCOPE team members and other partner services about how SCOPE is different, why this matters and the ways in which this is transformational for people with complex needs.

Chief Social Work Officers Annual Report Summary 2021-2022

This report provides a summary of the main areas covered in the Chief Social Work Officer Annual Reports. It offers a general overview of the social work landscape in Scotland drawn from the 30 CSWO reports received, and highlights key themes to improve understanding of performance, improvement and challenges being experienced across the sector.

Care home quality assurance in COVID-19

A review of care home quality assurance materials

A review of care home quality assurance materials from 17 local authority areas in Scotland to understand how improvement is best supported during periods of acute crisis.

It draws out: