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Impact and outcomes reporting

Supporting intermediary organisations

Impact and outcomes reporting for intermediate organisations
Corra Foundation

Iriss was involved in delivering workshops, alongside Corra Foundation, that helped explore with intermediary support organisations their approaches to expressing the impact and outcomes of their work.

Supporting workforce challenges

Process and evaluation


Project rationale

Supporting Workforce Challenges is a continuation of Iriss' project The View from Here which aimed to understand the experiences of Scotland's social services workforce. This project was developed as a response to the wealth of qualitative data about the daily challenges facing those who provide care and support.

Co-producing Cultural Competency

Working with the Govanhill Roma Community

Co-producing Cultural Competency

About the project

This three-month project was inspired by the Iriss Insight exploring social work’s role in upholding the human rights of Scottish Gypsy Travellers.

Getting There: Maddiston and Rumford

Activity report 2016-17

Getting there: Maddiston and Rumford

Since the end of 2015, Maddiston Community Council, Iriss and a range of other partners have helped carry out a variety of local activities in Maddiston and Rumford. The aim of this work was to explore with local people how they feel about the area they live in, and work with them to make some real positive changes.

Gypsy Traveller history in Scotland

A pictorial timeline

Gypsy Traveller harvesting fruit

Gypsy Travellers are largely absent from history or misrepresented and mythologised in our culture and folklore — often in the crudest and most damaging of ways. Their story is often untold or misunderstood, reinforcing their marginalisation in society with denial of identity, visibility and respect.