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ESSS Outline
Explores the evidence around models of collaborative practice involving health and social care, social work and police services in relation to work to support and protect vulnerable adults with…, Episode 210
An interview with Donald Macaskill, Chief Executive of Scottish Care.
ESSS Outline
Looks at interventions for older women experiencing domestic violence and abuse., Episode 209
An interview with Viv Cree, Professor of Social Work Studies at the University of Edinburgh.
ESSS Outline
Explores the evidence around the impact of individual experiential therapies (e.g. animal assisted, play, arts) and EMDR, for young people who have experienced trauma., Episode 208
Roundtable discussion on the embedding of welfare advisers in health and social care services., Episode 207
An interview with Tommy Whitelaw, a carer, activist and inspiration., Episode 206

Our roving reporter on disability issues, Michael McEwan, attended a number of events over Learning Disability Week 2018 (14-20 May) and spoke to the organisers.

We hear about 'Be the…

Supporting intermediary organisations

Iriss was involved in delivering workshops, alongside Corra Foundation, that helped explore with intermediary support organisations their approaches to expressing the impact and outcomes of their…, Episode 205
The moving story of Jo McFarlane, a writer, poet and public speaker. She provides an engaging story of her early life and journey to recovery, peppered with powerful, and often comic, poetry.