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At the Social Work Scotland AGM 2018, John Devaney, Centenary Chair of Social Work, spoke about social work in Scotland today., Episode 200

Welcome to the first episode in a new series, Freshly Squeezed, which aims to 'squeeze' information and inspiration from key influencers in social services in Scotland. 

We hear how and…

ESSS Outline
This Outline looks at evidence around methods for capturing the impact of social work interventions. We identified a large body of literature relating to the value of effectively measuring the impact…
Showcasing Community Social Work
Connecting people who have multiple deprivations to their geographical and social communities across Ayrshire through the arts and food.
ESSS Outline
This Outline summarises evidence relating to the effectiveness of women specific interventions in addressing complex needs and the role they may play as preventative strategies in children's services…
Showcasing Community Social Work
A self-management programme where professionals and public work together for a fairer community and improved resilience for better mental well-being.
ESSS Outline
This Outline explores the evidence around integrated assessment in children's services, identifies research around children's and families' experiences of the assessment process and recommendations…
Insight 42
The focus of this Insight is pre-birth child protection assessment and care planning, and more specifically, the lead social work role within this work.
Showcasing Community Social Work
An initiative to encourage Roma and non-Roma families to claim clothing grants and free school meals, which had a positive effect on the school community and beyond.
how we did it
the process we used to engage partners and others with the Leadership stories: developing effective supervision project