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Chat with Kirsty from Alzheimer Scotland about their work and events 2017., Episode 175
Presentation from Dr Robert French on how to negotiate a way through the complexities of our managed world., Episode 174
Conversation with Cathy McGregor and Lorraine Gillies from Audit Scotland about the national self-directed support survey 2017., Episode 173
Jamie Andrew, mountaineer, adventurer and author tells his personal story of surviving an avalanche., Episode 172
Roy McConkey OBE, Emeritus Professor at Ulster University asks questions of social services., Episode 171
Information on the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme., Episode 170
Amy MacFarlane, Chief Executive at Recreational Respite talks about innovative partnerships and use of technology in respite provision in Canada., Episode 169
George Thomson, Chief Executive of Volunteer Scotland shares his memories of Edgar Cahn, the creator of Time Banking., Episode 168
Dr James McKillop MBE, a person who has been living with dementia, tells of his personal experience of risk and outdoors activity., Episode 167
Neil Mapes, Chief Executive at Dementia Adventure, describes the benefits of outdoor activities.