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Information on a project in East Renfrewshire to support carers and involve them in discussions and decisions about their support., Episode 185
Michael McEwan speaks to Joseph Delaney about growing up with a 'hidden disability'., Episode 184
Michael McEwan speaks to Ryan Fleming about growing up with a 'hidden disability'.
A pictorial timeline

Gypsy Travellers are largely absent from history or misrepresented and mythologised in our culture and folklore — often in the crudest and most damaging of ways. Their story is often untold or…

Gary Clapton, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Edinburgh

Gary Clapton, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Edinburgh spoke to Kerry Musselbrook from Iriss about what being a good father means to him, and tells us about the Iriss Insight…

Insight 38
How we think about and understand fathering has changed. Active ‘fathering’ is now an accepted role for men at home and fathers are visible outside the school gates, in parks and playgrounds and in…, Episode 183
Practitioners working in secure care share their experiences, hopes and priorities for the future for young people in, and on the edges of, secure care., Episode 182
Practitioners discuss research around offending in residential child care., Episode 181
Conversation with Rania Hamad (social worker) about her research on hate crime., Episode 180
Conversation with Sarah Mitchell and Susan Kelso about the Active and Independent Living Improvement Programme.