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Gypsy/Traveller intersectionality

Strengthening the role of social work

A resource that platforms the voices of Gypsy/Traveller communities and provides practical steps to strengthen social work practice.
We're pleased to announce our annual review of the year for 2020/21. The review summarises our work over a uniquely challenging period, and showcases the difference that we've made to social…

A shared experience

Outcomes for people through the COVID-19 pandemic

A collection of stories that help make sense of what the COVID-19 crisis has meant for outcomes for people. It includes learning to inform practice, policy and recovery.
A summary of the evidence from policy and scrutiny activity, and recommendations for the future direction of SDS policy and practice.
Considers some of the challenges posed to child protection processes in Scotland.
A course that improves the writing of analysis in social work and social care records.
This report provides a summary of the main areas covered in the Chief Social Work Officer Annual Reports.
Explores the relevance of attachment, an emotional link between two people which lasts through space and time, to our understanding of dementia and its impact on people and their family carers.
Examines how housing quality has affected people's wellbeing during the pandemic.

An exploration of first line managers’ decision making

How managers in child welfare and protection services make decisions

Highlights the nature and context of 'blind' decision making and shows the impact of relationship, trust and communication in managers’ decision making.