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New Routes Home

New Routes Home is a partnership of interested individuals and organisations across Scotland who campaign for the right of all people with…

The role of technology in rural social work

Is technology the answer for rural social work?  Jane Pye, Lecturer in Social Work at Lancaster University. explores the potential benefits of using…
Four papers focused on supporting multi-agency communication in working with domestic abuse in families with children.

Tips for successful remote working

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Tips and practical advice that provides assistance in the continued transition.
Connects carers to sources of practical help and online information specifically related to Covid-19.
A short paper on social isolation and technology with insights from Nessa Barry (NHS National Services Scotland) about the impact of Covid-19 on this topic.
Explores the development of migrant integration strategies and services in Scotland.
Examines the growing body of evidence that points to known categories of risk around internet usage by children and young people in care.
Provides recent evidence relating to Covid-19, stress, anxiety, and social care worker's mental health.

Attachment theory in practice

Explores the evolving meaning and application of this concept

Learning resource written by Sally Wassell, which explores the evolving meaning and application of attachment.
Evidence on developing guidelines and recommendations that organisations are producing with regards to domestic abuse and COVID-19.
Learning resource that provides a short introduction to the perceived risks, forms of abuse, themes of harassment, how the risks can be reduced, and prompts for practitioners.