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Explores the evolving meaning and application of this concept
Learning resource written by Sally Wassell, which explores the evolving meaning and application of attachment.
ESSS Outline
Evidence on developing guidelines and recommendations that organisations are producing with regards to domestic abuse and COVID-19.
A learning resource
Online learning resource aimed at social services practitioners who would like a short introduction into adults at risk of harm and online safety.
ESSS Outline
Examines the developing evidence with specific consideration to conversations around end-of-life care and talking to children.
ESSS Outline
An evidence summary that provides an overview of recent evidence.
Insight 52
This Insight explores policy, research and practice issues about spoken language interpreting in social work, focusing on people who speak limited English.
A short paper on the Making Recovery Real approach, with insight from Louise Christie (SRN) and Ruth Brown (Team Leader and Chair of Making Recovery Real in Dundee.
Background, approach and context

This project was established in response to a request from East Ayrshire Social Work to work with Iriss to explore case recording practice and how records can be more inclusive and…

Main project themes and principles for great recording
Part two of the report highlights key themes explored in workshops, before going on to outline the six key principles for great recording.
Project evaluation
Part 3 brings together the learning of the project.