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9 Sep 2020
Kibble is a specialist child and youth care charity and social enterprise that empowers young people through care, education and support. In March of this year we spoke to Dan Johnson, Clinical…
19 Aug 2020
What are the experiences of those with disabilities working on the frontline during Covid-19? Michael McEwan interviews Scott Kennedy, Lynn Murdoch and David Ross, who speak about how they've…
4 Aug 2020
The 2020 Paralympic Games were due to be held in Tokyo this year over August and September, but have been rescheduled for 2021.   How has this affected the organisations and athletes involved?…
21 Jul 2020
June was Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month which aims aims to celebrate the diverse ways these communities have contributed to life in the UK, as well as amplify their voices in the telling of…

Iriss resources

A short paper on social isolation and technology with insights from Nessa Barry (NHS National Services Scotland) about the impact of Covid-19 on this topic.
Insight 54
Explores the development of migrant integration strategies and services in Scotland.
Insight 53
Examines the growing body of evidence that points to known categories of risk around internet usage by children and young people in care.
ESSS Outline
Evidence summary that provides an overview of recent evidence relating to Covid-19, stress, anxiety, and social care worker's mental health.
Explores the evolving meaning and application of this concept
Learning resource written by Sally Wassell, which explores the evolving meaning and application of attachment.
ESSS Outline
Evidence on developing guidelines and recommendations that organisations are producing with regards to domestic abuse and COVID-19.
A learning resource
Online learning resource aimed at social services practitioners who would like a short introduction into adults at risk of harm and online safety.
ESSS Outline
Examines the developing evidence with specific consideration to conversations around end-of-life care and talking to children.
ESSS Outline
An evidence summary that provides an overview of recent evidence.
Insight 52
This Insight explores policy, research and practice issues about spoken language interpreting in social work, focusing on people who speak limited English.