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Martin Kettle of Glasgow Caledonian University gives an overview of research on newly qualified social worker perceptions of social work education and practice.
User involvement in social work education
Olivia Ndoti from the Women's Asylum Support Housing (WASH) project, came to Glasgow Caledonian University to talk to social work students about having No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF).
User involvement in social work education
Social work students at Glasgow Caledonian University take part in a session that formed part of their Working with Law and Ethics module, No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF): supporting Individuals…, Episode 203
Susan Taylor, past President of Social Work Scotland, provides the keynote on leadership and professional identity, focusing particularly on the post-qualifying period. 
ESSS Outline
Explores some of the less commonly included evidence from systematic reviews and literature reviews on age and social isolation., Episode 202
Viviene Cree introduces the Building the Future; Shaping our Social Work Identity conference, and is followed by a presentation by Jane Johnstone who provides some thought provoking asks of attendees., Episode 201
At the Social Work Scotland AGM 2018, John Devaney, Centenary Chair of Social Work, spoke about social work in Scotland today., Episode 200
An interview with Iona Colvin, Chief Social Work Adviser for Scotland.
ESSS Outline
Looks at evidence around methods for capturing the impact of social work interventions.
User involvement in social work education
Reflection by students on their experiences of how engaging directly with service users impacted on their learning.