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2 Mar 2021
With a wide network of partners and academic researchers from across Scotland and Europe, the Observatory for Sport in Scotland supports those delivering community sport and activity with…
25 Feb 2021
Near Me in Social Services is a project Iriss has been leading in partnership with the NHS Near Me team and the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Programme over Autumn/Winter 2020/…
23 Feb 2021
My Support My Choice is a research project led jointly by the Health and Social Care ALLIANCE and Self Directed Support Scotland and funded by Scottish Government, with the aim of understanding…
15 Feb 2021
Dan Johnson, Clinical Director at Kibble interviews Neil McMillan, an Executive Director at Kibble on the topic of moral distress in residential child care. The conversation defines the concept,…

Iriss resources

Story of its impact and achievements
A short animation that tells the story of The Drumchapel Early Years Network (DEYN).
User involvement in social work education
This is one of seven stories, showcasing what service user and carer (SUAC) involvement in social work education looks like, what makes it work and what benefits it brings. It has a significant role…
User involvement in social work education
Why service users and carers think this matters, and what they hope for, what students got out of these sessions and reflections on the sessions.
ESSS Outline
This Outline looks at how providers of leisure activities can improve accessibility and inclusivity for people with disabilities and their carers.
ESSS Outline
Explores the evidence around models of collaborative practice involving health and social care, social work and police services in relation to work to support and protect vulnerable adults with…
ESSS Outline
Summary of evidence which examines the interventions for older women experiencing domestic violence and abuse.
ESSS Outline
Explores the evidence around the impact of individual experiential therapies (e.g. animal assisted, play, arts) and EMDR, for young people who have experienced trauma.
A critical history, fifty years after the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968
A critical history of community social work, fifty years after the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968.
Supporting intermediary organisations
Iriss was involved in delivering workshops, alongside Corra Foundation, that helped explore with intermediary support organisations their approaches to expressing the impact and outcomes of their…
User involvement in social work education
Story of role-play sessions held between social work students at the University of Strathclyde and members of the service user and carer group.