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ESSS Outline
Identifies evidence around social work placements and the differences and similarities between statutory and voluntary placements.
ESSS Outline
Identifies evidence relating to the relationship between adults who access child sexual abuse images online and those who commit contact offences.
ESSS Outline
Explores the impact of parental substance misuse on children and identifies evidence around effective methods of intervention for social workers.
ESSS Outline
Identifies evidence around good practice approaches to investigating child sexual abuse that may minimise harm or distress to children and non-abusing caregivers.
ESSS Outline
Identifies evidence relating to the efficacy of interventions in increasing reporting of disability hate crimes and supporting people through the process of reporting, and potential areas of unmet…
Report summary produced by Iriss on behalf of the Social Work Services Strategic Forum
This summary, produced by Iriss on behalf of the Social Work Services Strategic Forum, presents the key findings of research which set out to better understand public perceptions of social services.…
Insight 40
Introduces the ways in which EM is currently used in Scotland, alongside international evidence and experience, to identify key issues and implications for use.
Insight 39
Uses the evidence base to explore how we can learn from parents whose children have been referred, in order to avoid causing harm and provide the best and most helpful support.
Activity report 2016-17
Report that outlines work to support the community of Maddiston and Rumford.
A pictorial timeline

Gypsy Travellers are largely absent from history or misrepresented and mythologised in our culture and folklore — often in the crudest and most damaging of ways. Their story is often untold or…