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ESSS Outline
Identifies evidence around good practice approaches to investigating child sexual abuse that may minimise harm or distress to children and non-abusing caregivers.
ESSS Outline
Identifies evidence relating to the efficacy of interventions in increasing reporting of disability hate crimes and supporting people through the process of reporting, and potential areas of unmet…, Episode 190
Interviews with Personal Assistants about their experiences of working in the role, and members of GCIL, WEA and SSSC.
Report summary
This summary, produced by Iriss on behalf of the Social Work Services Strategic Forum, presents the key findings of research which set out to better understand public perceptions of social services.…, Episode 189
Chat with Jodie Wilkinson about Access Film Club at Glasgow Film Theatre., Episode 188
Conversation with Ciara Webb (social worker) about her research on restorative justice.
Insight 40
Electronic monitoring (EM) is a generic term that encompasses a number of monitoring technologies and approaches. It can be used with different people for diverse purposes in youth justice and adult…, Episode 187
Michael McEwan speaks to Richard Warden about the 2017 Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.
Insight 39
The value of participation by service users in shaping and improving practice and services is well recognised in much existing guidance and practice, but less so in relation to contact with families…
Activity report 2016-17

Since the end of 2015, Maddiston Community Council, Iriss and a range of other partners have helped carry out a variety of local activities in Maddiston and Rumford. The aim of this work was to…