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Michael McEwan speaks to Brian Scott, Development Manager at the Glasgow Disability Alliance about the work that it does.
Iriss on…
Tools have the potential to transform how we work. Just like the DIY tools many of us keep in a cupboard at home, tools used in interactions between people have the power to save us time., Episode 155
Roundtable discussion on the topic of Appreciative Inquiry, which explores what it is and how it has been used in health and social care.
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Appreciative inquiry is an action research approach that offers a powerful contribution to meeting the appetite for real change that is evident across public services in Scotland.
This tool comprises a series of question cards which help conversations

A set of 20 cards which share illustrated diary excerpts from social work and care practitioners about a week in their working lives.

Cards which share illustrated diary excerpts from social…

Co-design tools can be used to enable people to discover other peoples' perspectives, develop and define ideas and deliver those ideas. We sometimes use the Design Council's Double Diamond as one…, Episode 154
Professor Helen Minnis talks to David Woodier, a teacher, adoptive parent and blogger about ‘Why attachment matters'.
A series of quotes from stakeholders across Scotland about the future of care and how we might get there. Use these quotes to prompt discussion and debate and to begin to think about making your own…

A workshop process to introduce care home staff to caring conversations.

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Introducing care home staff to caring conversations

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