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Insight 36
Examines how women’s narratives of their experience of domestic abuse and social work intervention in cases of child protection could inform practice in Scotland., Episode 177
Michael McEwan interviews Loretta Galloway about the services and supports Unity Enterprise provides.
co-designing a support tool
This is the story behind the development of Buddy: a support tool
an activity based tool that aims to support people accessing services
an activity based tool that aims to support people accessing services, at the start of their journey
reference list

This contain a list of references included in the Outcomes & CO: conversation openers tool., Episode 176
Chat with Kirsty from Alzheimer Scotland about their work and events 2017., Episode 175
Presentation from Dr Robert French on how to negotiate a way through the complexities of our managed world., Episode 174
Conversation with Cathy McGregor and Lorraine Gillies from Audit Scotland about the national self-directed support survey 2017., Episode 173
Jamie Andrew, mountaineer, adventurer and author tells his personal story of surviving an avalanche., Episode 172
Roy McConkey OBE, Emeritus Professor at Ulster University asks questions of social services.