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ESSS Outline
This evidence summary examines how community-based interventions can support young people's social and emotional wellbeing. Due to a scarcity of robust evaluation and reporting taking place across…, Episode 196
See Me is Scotland's Programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.
ESSS Outline
This summary focuses on evidence of the indirect impact on children from living with the effect of adult to adult coercive control. Overall there is very little research into coercive control without…
A guide
A Community of Enquiry (CoE) is a workshop-style session that offers space for a group of people to collaboratively explore ideas and ask rich and meaningful questions of each other., Episode 195
Information on the web design and movie making activities of the centre, with contribution from those who participate.
ESSS Outline
This evidence summary seeks to address the following question relating to palliative and end of life care for people with alcohol related brain damage (ARBD): What is considered good practice in…, Episode 194
Information on the arts activities at the centre with stories from people who take part in painting, photography and dancing.
Insight 41
History and evidence around relationship-based practice in social work.
ESSS Outline
This Outline explores the challenges facing local authorities when seeking to implement brokerage models of self directed support in rural Scottish communities.
conversation openers
A tool that provides a framework for open, honest conversations about partnerships.