Multi-agency adult support and protection conferences (case conferences)

An online learning resource
Published in Online learning materials on 29 Aug 2022

A course supporting professionals to understand and improve practice in multi-agency adult support and protection conferences (commonly referred to as case conferences).

A multi-agency adult support and protection conference is a meeting in which information relevant to concerns about harm (or risk of harm) is shared and considered. It aims to assess risk, make decisions on the actions that should happen because of this risk and where appropriate, agree an Adult Protection Plan (or review a plan that is already in place). In essence, it’s about ensuring an adult who is not able to protect themselves gets the support that they need to stay safe.

The course is suitable for any professional working with adults at risk who wishes to learn more about these conferences, including social workers, health professionals, advocates, the police, and those in the voluntary sector.

Please note: Due to the sensitive nature of some of the material contained in this resource, access is restricted to those with a suitable professional interest in the subject, and will be restricted to those with appropriate local authority or NHS email addresses, or those from suitable associated organisations, only.

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