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Insight 36
Examines how experiences of domestic abuse and social work intervention in cases of child protection could inform practice in Scotland.
co-designing a support tool
This is the story behind the development of Buddy: a support tool
an activity based tool that aims to support people accessing services
an activity based tool that aims to support people accessing services, at the start of their journey

This contain a list of references included in the Outcomes & CO: conversation openers tool.

Workshop summary report
Participants from the Imagining the Future Systems Leadership Community of Practice came together to take part in a follow-up day. They were joined by 35 systems leaders undertaking the NHS…
Insight 35
Experiences and challenges of Scottish Gypsy Travellers and implications for social work practice.
Iriss On...
This publication intends to provoke a conversation about the power of embracing risk as a natural part of decision making, and the complexity of sharing risk between professionals and people who…
A guide to creative storyboarding and animation
an Iriss guide in six simple steps to using creative storyboarding to bring your story to life
Insight 34
Presents what research tells us about social workers’ communication with children and young people in everyday practice. It also introduces key findings from a UK-wide study of social workers’…
Iriss on…
Tools have the potential to transform how we work. Just like the DIY tools many of us keep in a cupboard at home, tools used in interactions between people have the power to save us time.