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New Routes Home

New Routes Home is a partnership of interested individuals and organisations across Scotland who campaign for the right of all people with…

The role of technology in rural social work

Is technology the answer for rural social work?  Jane Pye, Lecturer in Social Work at Lancaster University. explores the potential benefits of using…
Summarises evidence relating to the effectiveness of women specific interventions in addressing complex needs and the role they may play as preventative strategies in children's services.

COPE Scotland

Showcasing Community Social Work

A self-management programme where professionals and public work together for a fairer community and improved resilience for better mental well-being.
Explores the evidence around integrated assessment in children's services, including children's and families' experiences of the assessment process, good practice, electronic information systems,…
Focuses on pre-birth child protection assessment and care planning, and more specifically, the lead social work role within this work.

Asylum and Roma Team Anti-Poverty Initiative

Showcasing Community Social Work

An initiative to encourage Roma and non-Roma families to claim clothing grants and free school meals.
Process used to engage partners and others with the Leadership stories: developing effective supervision project

Leadership stories: developing effective supervision

Improving understanding about supervision

A project to improve understanding about supervision and clarify the role of good management in effective leadership.

Resilience resources for social work and social care workers

collected by Iriss, Social Work Scotland and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)

A collection of resilience resources covering topics such as supervision, leadership, self-care, and support and learning.
Looks at how the diverse needs of disabled people can be addressed in an organisation’s values statement. It also summarises evidence on the values that can support the workforce in delivering…

Supporting workforce challenges

Process and evaluation

Project rationale Supporting Workforce Challenges is a continuation of Iriss' project The View from Here which aimed to understand the experiences of Scotland's social services workforce. This…