Working together apart

A course for partnership or group projects where participants can’t physically be together
Published in Online learning materials on 7 Sep 2020

Find yourself running a partnership or group project where the participants can’t physically be together? 

This resource explores how you can work together as a mixed group of decision makers, staff members, and people with lived experience, when it is not practical for you to all be in the same room. It will help you create a practical project plan and use tools that help you to connect across distance. This could include working with an international group, in a rural setting, or with people who may find it easier to contribute from home.

Each section of the course is short and succinct to help you get an overview and feel ready to get started on your own process. We have included optional ‘read, listen, watch’ resources at the end of each section if you are interested in going a little deeper into the subject. There are also a number of exercises to complete at the end of each section to help you assess your own understanding and learning, and to help you capture your thoughts in relation to your own project.

It builds on our suite of co-production and partnership resources.

Short introduction by the author Josie Vallely

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