Co-production Project Planner

a resource to support co-production projects to happen effectively
Published on 8 Jan 2018

Co-production is a process that creates change. It is a way of working with, rather than doing to, people and communities to achieve better outcomes.  

A co-production project sees people who access support as assets and builds on people’s existing capabilities. In addition, it breaks down the barriers between people who use services and professionals. Co-production projects are planned, developed and delivered by a group of people who have different backgrounds and interests. 

The outputs of a co-production process can be huge, such as services, processes and pathways, or small, such as a community hall’s furniture, a poster, a blog page. Done well, the co-production process can support organisations and individuals become agents for change. 

This free resource focuses on putting ideas into action. You don’t need to be an expert in co-production prior to planning a project. Work through the guide and see how you get on.  

Co-production project planner
Co-production project planner

The resource comprises:

  1. project planning workbook to take you from initial ideas to running co-production workshops
  2. guide to planning co-production projects
  3. suite of Iriss facilitation tools

We hope you enjoy using the resource.

Download the resource in three parts from this page. 

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