Planning a partnership?

Partnerships & CO, a tool to support those planning a partnership or wishing to reflect on and take stock of an existing partnership.

Co-production Project Planner

A resource to support co-production projects happen effectively

Contains a project planning workbook, a guide to planning co-production projects and a suite of Iriss facilitation tools.

Fit for the Future: Business planning

Three templates of basic business planning tools

What can this tool be used for?

Creating a SWOT analysis, creating an action plan and developing a service story

How do you use it?

These tools should be used by organisations who are considering a change to their current approach of delivering care and support. They help to map out change and navigate potential barriers. Each planning tool has individual instructions or prompts to support thinking.

Reshaping Care and Support Planning

Reshaping Care and Support Planning is a nationally approved, awareness raising resource for outcome-focused care and support planning within adult registered services in Scotland. It was devised, developed and published in a partnership between the Iriss, Care Inspectorate, Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability (SCLD), Joint Improvement Team (JIT) and Scottish Care.

Ballikinrain care and education planning process

Laura-Jayne Callaghan (Residential Social Worker) in discussion with Edwina Grant (Independent Psychologist)

Laura-Jayne explains to Edwina an innovative care and education planning process for young people.

Filmed at Ballikinrain School, 13 April 2010.