Reshaping Care and Support Planning

Published on 2 Apr 2012

Reshaping Care and Support Planning is a nationally approved, awareness raising resource for outcome-focused care and support planning within adult registered services in Scotland. It was devised, developed and published in a partnership between the Iriss, Care Inspectorate, Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability (SCLD), Joint Improvement Team (JIT) and Scottish Care.

Designed primarily for service providers, it contains information and guidance to encourage and assist people review approaches to care, and aims to help individuals think about support planning for people in homes and for those in a homely setting. A variety of learning materials is provided to help people think about how changes in practice can begin to deliver outcome-focused care and support. Some of the materials relate to one outcomes approach called Talking Points. However, there are other approaches in Scotland, including Better Futures, which was developed in the housing support sector.

The resource encourages reflection by offering:

  • A video case study of an older man (Ken) moving into a care home which demonstrates how small changes can make a big difference
  • Recorded stories from staff, service users and carers
  • Guidance notes
  • Examples of written care plans
  • Sample forms for assessment, care planning, risk management and review
  • Links to other good practice resources on personal outcome approach, tissue viability, falls assessment, infection and anticipatory care planning.

The resource is presented in six sections, with key supporting materials highlighted throughout. It also offers a further reading section which includes education and policy documents, links to useful websites and information specifically on older people's care. A 'help' section describes how to change text sizes on browsers, and gives some guidance on downloading video and audio files.

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