A shared experience

Outcomes for people through the COVID-19 pandemic

A shared experience Outcomes for people through the COVID-19 pandemic
A collection of stories that help make sense of what the COVID-19 crisis has meant for outcomes for people. It includes learning to inform practice, policy and recovery.

Impact and outcomes reporting

Supporting intermediary organisations

Impact and outcomes reporting for intermediate organisations
Iriss was involved in delivering workshops, alongside Corra Foundation, that helped explore with intermediary support organisations their approaches to expressing the impact and outcomes of their work.

Outcomes & CO. Tell us what you think

Outcomes tool

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Outcomes & CO

conversation openers

Outcomes and CO
A tool that provides a framework for open, honest conversations about personal outcomes.

Fit for the Future: Outcomes in care homes cards

Birdhouse illustration

Cards which show a series of snapshots of what life in an outcomes-focused care home might look like.

What can this tool be used for?

You could use this tool as an inspiration for what could be, as a challenge for what should be, or to help prompt the start of a process of change in your care home.

Leading change in supervision

Messages from practice

Supervision meeting
Report that describes the rationale, process and learning from a project which explored the topic of supervision with a group of six partners.