Outcomes & CO reference list

reference list
Published on 23 Mar 2017

This contain a list of references included in the Outcomes & CO: conversation openers tool.

Reference list

Cook, A., and Miller E., (2012) Personal Outcomes Approach: Talking Points, Edinburgh: Joint Improvement Team

George C, Patterson F, Stocks-Rankin C & Pemble C (2016) Enabling Leadership: Research to identify what good leadership looks like in Scotland's social services. Scottish Social Services Council.

Iriss On… Risk (Iriss, 2016)

Martin, J. and the Aspergers Consultation Group (2012) Triad of Understanding: Poster presentation at 3rd Ensact Conference, Istanbul

Miller, E. (2011) Good conversations: Assessment and planning as the building blocks of an outcomes approach, Edinburgh: Joint Improvement Team

Miller and Barrie (2016) Learning from the Meaningful and Measurable project: Strengthening links between identity, action and decision-making, Edinburgh: Health Improvement Scotland

Relationships Matter (Iriss, 2016)

Smale, G. Tuson, G., Biehal, N. and Marsh, P. (1993) Empowerment, assessment, care management and the skilled worker, National Institute for Social Work Practice and Development Exchange, London: HMSO

Stanley T (2005) Making decisions: social work processes and the construction of risk(s) in child protection work, PhD thesis, University of Canterbury

Tsegai, A. and Gamiz, R. (2014) Messages for integration from working with carers, Journal of Integrated Care, 22 (3) 99 - 107



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