(Social) service design: the good, the bad and the ugly

Service design
1 Feb 2019
Brunswick House, 51 Wilson Street Glasgow G1 1UZ

As part of the Fire Starter Festival 2019 we're running a workshop on service design. 

We are curious about how people interpret their roles within a project or design process, and how this impacts on their approach to design. What does it mean to wear your designer hat? How does this impact on power dynamics and inclusion? How do we embrace our own strengths and skills in a co-production process?

This workshop will cover:

Connecting Voices

Helping young people stay in care for longer and to equip them with the skills needed to make the transition into independent living. 

Co-production Project Planner

a resource to support co-production projects to happen effectively

Co-production project planner
Contains a project planning workbook, a guide to planning co-production projects and a suite of Iriss facilitation tools.

Exploring co-design tools

Co-design workshop

At Iriss, we’re often asked about what’s worked and what hasn’t in our projects. On October 3rd, we hosted an event to share the learning from two co-design projects that we’ve run recently - one with older people and practitioners who worked together to improve the pathway from hospital to home; and the other with people who access, or may in the future access, self-directed support (SDS) and practitioners - Pilotlight